Analecta Veterinaria

Analecta Veterinaria is the published Journal of the Veterinary College of La Plata University which appears twice-a-year and covers original works, reviews and commentaries on all aspects of animal health. Information of post-graduate courses, distance education, seminars and general contributions are also included. Articles may be generated from this institution or from other individuals or organizations and can be followed at the Latinoamerican Scientific Jorunal Index and the Ulrich´s International Periodicals Directory.

Recently, the journal has been awarded as a "first-class-excellency-publication" by the National Research Council (CAICYT-CONICET).

Expressed opinions of the authors do not necessarily have the consent of the Journal and no part of this publication (except summaries) may be reproduced without the prior written permission of the Publisher. Educational reproduction is possible without permission.

Commercials names of drugs and laboratories declared on the articles are merely a scientific description and identification, and do not mean or s upport any acknowledgement or promotion from any public or private organization.