Molecular Cell

Molecular Cell publishes reports of novel results that are of unusual significance and of interest to researchers in the field. The journal focuses on analyses at the molecular level, with an emphasis on new mechanistic insights.

The scope of the journal encompasses all of "traditional" molecular biology (including DNA replication, recombination and repair, gene expression, RNA processing, translation, and protein folding, modification, and degradation) as well as studies of the molecular interactions and mechanisms that underlie basic cellular processes.

Some examples of such processes are signal transduction pathways, the cell cycle and checkpoints, tumorigenesis, apoptosis, microbial pathogenesis, and genes involved in human diseases.

We are also interested in the analyses that are beginning to emerge following the availability of the entire genome sequences of several organisms.

The basic criterion for considering such papers is whether the results provide significant novel insights into, or raise provocative questions and hypotheses regarding, an interesting biological question. In addition to primary papers, Molecular Cell features review articles tailored to its broad readership.

Ribosomen: Baumeister des Lebens

Wissenschaftler am Max-Planck-Institut für molekulare Genetik in Berlin erzielen wichtige Durchbrüche bei der Aufklärung der Struktur der Ribosomen