BSAVA Manual of Small Animal Ophthalmology

(27.04.2004) Simon M. Peterson-Jones and Sheila M. Crispin (Editor)

Taschenbuch - 288 Seiten - Blackwell Publishers
Erscheinungsdatum: 1. Januar 2003
Auflage: 2nd
ISBN: 0905214544

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This new edition begins with a clear and concise guide to the examination of the eye. Using the techniques described and the lists of differential diagnoses provided in Appendix I, it should be possible for ocular lesions to be identified and localized with precision.

Chapters on imaging techniques (radiography, ultrasonography, CT and MRI) and laboratory investigations follow.

New to this edition are chapters on anaesthesia and surgery. Basic principles such as tissue separation and suturing are described and illustrated with specially commissioned drawings.

Ocular conditions of dogs and cats are covered in chapters on specific regions, progressing from the adnexa (orbit and periorbital regions, eyelids and lacrimal system) to the eye itself, and thence to the connections between the eye and the brain.

Each chapter starts with a short section that considers the relevant anatomy and physiology of that portion of the eye. Following a consideration of diagnostic tests, clinical features are described and illustrated by a wealth of high-quality full-colour images. Medical and surgical management are then discussed for each condition. Conditions of the dog and cat are mostly considered separately, except where there are close similarities.

The last two chapters of the Manual briefly describe ocular conditions of rabbits and exotic species (primates, rodents, birds, reptiles and fish), with emphasis on the commoner disorders and those that differ markedly from the conditions already described for the dog and cat.

The Manual is a practical consulting room guide to small animal ophthalmology, but there is sufficient detail to satisfy those who wish to study this fascinating specialty in greater depth.

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