Symposium on Open Access to Knowledge and Scholarly Communication

(04.10.2004) Zurich, October 15, 2004

The University of Zurich and the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences are pleased to announce the date and program for the Symposium on Open Access to Knowledge and Scholarly Communication.

Aspects of Open Access

The main objective of the forthcoming symposium will be to familiarize the Swiss educational and scientific community with the idea of open access publishing and to promote an informed discussion. The program seeks to address a number of aspects of open access, including research impact, peer review, self archiving, technical aspects, legal implications, effect on libraries and the publisher’s point of view. In the morning, several international experts will give presentations on specific topics.

The «Berlin Declaration»

The afternoon will see the presentation of the «Berlin Declaration». This will be followed by a round table discussion on acceptance, quality assessment, future forms of institutional cooperation, role of funding bodies, third world access to literature etc. The discussion panel will consist of representatives from academic institutions, research foundations, publishers, industry and third world organizations.