XIth Meeting of the Avian Immunology Research Group - AIRG2010

(18.04.2010) Budapest, Thursday October 7, 2010 - Sunday October 10, 2010

Avian Immunology Research Group Time is flying, thus it is the time to think and speak about our beloved animal at the XI. Avian Immunology Research Group (AIRG) Meeting and the place, Budapest, Hungary.

From time to time we have to stop the lab and field works, and summarize what we did in the past year or two and to travel to another part of the world to share our knowledge with other people, to meet with old friends or making new ones. The world rapidly changes, new challenges emerge, lots of information come through the net, so the personal contact now is more important than ever before.

More than fifty years ago the discovery of the function of the bursa of Fabricius initiated the explosive development of classical immunology and few decades later the chicken became a fundamental living model for the vertebrate developmental biology. We do believe, that the future AIRG meetings in addition to the traditional immunology, immunopathology, and immunosupression should address novel research areas related with immunology – like developmental immunology. I encourage everyone, who “tasted” the amazing process of development of chicken, to send an abstract.

All of us are local patriots. In the opening address we used to praise the place of meeting to be attractive for the expecting participants. I do not praise the pearl of the Danube, Budapest. Please, come see the city of Budapest with your own eyes. We will try to do our best that you feel yourself both professionally and socially well.

Welcome to XI. AIRG 2010!


10 July, 2010: Abstract submission

30 June, 2010: Early registration fee


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