29th ESVN Annual Symposium to Showcase Latest Findings on Large Animal Neurology during Residents´ Day

(26.10.2015) Residents and practitioners are encouraged to attend the 29th ESVN – ECVN Symposium in Edinburgh, September 2016, to discover leading edge research in large animal neurology.

Delegates attending Residents’ same day – the first day of the European Society and College of Veterinary Neurology Annual Symposium on Applied Translational Neuroscience – will have the opportunity to interact with experts in a series of lectures and practical workshops.

Dr Rodolfo Cappello, Neurologist at North Dows Specialist Referrals, says it will be a unique experience for veterinary professionals.

“The clinical research in this field is progressing at a pace; I think that having a day concentrating on large animals will be beneficial for residents and practitioners alike; we have a number of expert speakers who will share their insights into this area of neurology.”

Professor Caroline Hunt, from the University of Sydney, and Professor Angelo D’Angelo, a researcher of bovine neurology in Italy, together with researchers from the nearby Easter Bush Campus will form part of the expert panel of speakers on Residents’ same day.

Dr Cappello adds that clinical research in large animal neurology, is sometimes the ‘poor relation’ of companion animal work. There are several centres of excellence in large animal neurology; Edinburgh has been at the forefront of the field for many years.

“Residents’ same day will aid private clinicians in their understanding of neurological information with videos and practical elements in the lectures.”

Emma Laws, an intern at Langford Veterinary Service who attended this year’s ESVN–ECVN symposium in Amsterdam, says that Residents’ same day was always one of the event’s highlights.

“There’s lots of information in lectures and there’s a chance to network with residents from other vet schools, and that’s fantastic. I’d certainly recommend next year’s congress,” she says.

To register for the event, or for more information visit www.vetneuro2016.com.

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