Dog epilepsy app made available for pet owners across Europe

(22.01.2016) The innovative app that allows UK dog owners to improve the lives of pets with epilepsy will soon be translated into seven different languages to help man’s best friend throughout Europe.

Launched during National Epilepsy Week in May last year by The Royal Veterinary College University of London (RVC), the Pet Epilepsy Tracker was developed in collaboration with the human epilepsy charity ‘Epilepsy Society’ to map seizures and medication requirements.

Holger Volk, Professor of Veterinary Neurology and Neurosurgery at the RVC says the new app is a powerful tool to combat the most common neurological conditions in dogs.

Dog epilepsy app
“The main advantage for owners will be the control of an unpredictable and previously uncontrollable disease. Additionally, vets will gain a greater understanding of medication given to a dog, with a record that allows them to spot patterns in seizures.”

The Pet Epilepsy Tracker will not only make an impact for dogs in Europe but also for their owners, giving them control back both financially and emotionally, Professor Volk adds. “The medication reminders increases an owner’s compliance by informing them how many seizures the dog had, which will in turn decrease trips to vets to monitor the disease.”

Professor Volk says: “There are a few epilepsy apps in the human market but there was nothing like it for the dog market, until this app. I was proud to have been a part of the project and I am thrilled that this app will benefit pet owners in Europe as well as the UK.”

The app will be demonstrated at this year’s ESVN/ECVN Symposium being held in Edinburgh (September 15-17) of which Professor Volk is the co-chair of the Scientific Programme.
The app is currently available to download in English on the Google Play store and Apple iTunes App Store.

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