Free WSAVA Webinar: The Impact of COVID-19 on your Patients and Staff - An Update for Veterinary Professionals

(10.09.2020) The World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) is to host a second free webinar for veterinarians globally on Tuesday September 15 to provide an update on COVID-19 as it relates to companion animals and address many frequently asked questions.  

The speakers are:

  • Michael Lappin
    Dr Michael Lappin, Chair of the WSAVA’s One Health Committee who will discuss recent developments with COVID-19 and companion animals
  • Dr Richard Squires, Chair of the WSAVA’s Vaccination Guidelines Group, who will give an update on the effects of the pandemic on preventive health programs
  • Dr Peter Karczmar MD, Member of the WSAVA’s One Health Committee, who will offer recommendations on minimizing the risk to veterinary staff members.

The webinar is being kindly supported by WSAVA Diamond Partner MSD Animal Health, which supports the WSAVA’s One Health Committee and is a committed partner of the WSAVA’s Vaccination Guidelines Group.

Commenting on the webinar, Dr Lappin said: “There are a number of significant changes in the management of SARS-CoV-2 that impact companion animal medicine and our staff members since our first webinar.   I believe the information to be presented will be extremely valuable in helping your veterinary team continue to successfully navigate this pandemic”

David Sutton, Global Technical Director, MSD Animal Health, said “COVID-19 has presented an extraordinary challenge to the global community. MSD Animal Health is proud to support WSAVA in providing quality education to veterinary professionals who continue to go above and beyond in the care of companion animals during the pandemic.”

The webinar will take place at 12.00 pm UTC on Tuesday September 15 and will later be available on the WSAVA COVID-19 resource hub. To register, please visit:

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