WSAVA Launches New Online Nutrition Modules

(17.01.2022) A four-module online nutrition course initiated by the World Small Animal Veterinary Association’s Continuing Education Committee (CEC) has been launched.

Available free of charge to WSAVA members on the WSAVA Academy, the course aims to increase veterinary understanding of the value of nutritional assessments. It also supports veterinary professionals in creating feeding and monitoring plans and in advising clients as to the importance of appropriate nutrition for their dog or cat.

While it is aimed at veterinarians, vet techs and nurses and veterinary students, the WSAVA says that individuals with a professional interest in pet food selection criteria and in body conditioning scoring, such as breeders and those working in shelters, will also find the content useful.

WSAVA Launches New Online Nutrition Modules

The course modules feature narrated and interactive e-learning, with videos, downloadable resources, multiple choice questions and drag and drop activities to help learners test their knowledge. They are currently available in English, Spanish, Russian and Mandarin Chinese and RACE accreditation is underway. The course has been generously supported by WSAVA Diamond Partner, the Purina Institute.

The course has been developed by the WSAVA’s Global Nutrition Committee (GNC), which offers a range of educational resources and tools for veterinary teams in its Global Nutrition Toolkit.

The GNC promotes the importance of performing a nutritional assessment on every animal at every visit and advocates the inclusion of nutrition as a component of all veterinary and veterinary nurse/technician curricula.

The GNC is supported by the Purina Institute, Hill’s Pet Nutrition and Royal Canin.

Commenting, WSAVA CEC Chair, Dr Jane Armstrong said: "The CEC is delighted to see the GNC’s Global Nutrition Guidelines brought to life in such a user-friendly form. This course is a valuable addition to the online offerings available on the WSAVA Academy. Thanks to the generosity of our Diamond Partner, the Purina Institute, we are pleased that the important foundational nutritional information it contains is freely available to all WSAVA members. As the International Veterinary Students Association is an affiliate member of WSAVA, veterinary students around the world will also enjoy free access to the modules, which is particularly great news."

GNC Co-Chair Dr Marge Chandler said: “The modules were designed as an engaging and practical way for the practice team to incorporate nutritional assessments into everyday practice around the world, thus bringing added value to their patients and clients.”

Dr Natalia Wagemans, Head of the Purina Institute, said: “The Purina Institute and the WSAVA have a common goal to advance the science of nutrition to help pets live better, longer lives. We are proud to support this WSAVA course.”

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