Eric Guaguère is the first recipient of the Didier-Noël Carlotti Award

(07.08.2017) The Federation of European Companion Animal Veterinary Associations (FECAVA) is proud to announce that Eric Guaguère (France) is the first recipient of the 2017 Didier-Noël Carlotti Award.

The award, sponsored by Virbac, will be presented at the occasion of the WSAVA/FECAVA congress in Copenhagen next month.

Eric Guaguère
Eric Guaguère was a close friend of the late Didier-Noël Carlotti, who shared his passion for dermatology. He is also a long-standing board member and current president of the French companion animal veterinary association (AFVAC).

Dr Guaguère is a companion animal veterinary practitioner working exclusively in dermatology. He is a European diplomate in veterinary dermatology and has authored and co-authored several books and many papers, including one that appeared in Nature genetics (on genetic ichthyosis in the Golden retriever). He has also given numerous presentations and lectures in France and abroad.

As president of AFVAC, he has widely contributed to enhancing the role of companion animal veterinarians in society. Together with other veterinary organisations, he helped develop continuing education in the field of veterinary risk assessment of dangerous dogs in France.

He has also helped promote the key role of veterinarians in the fight against antimicrobial resistance. He was pivotal in leading his team to produce a guide for the good use of antibiotics, available to all members.

At a European level, he convinced AFVAC of the importance of being member of FECAVA and convinced FECAVA of supporting the French welfare-in-practice project.

He fully understands and supports the importance of international contacts and exchanges between companion animal veterinarians through associations such as the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) and the Federation of French-speaking small animal veterinary associations (FAFVAC).

FECAVA President Jerzy Gawor commented: “Dr Guaguère, who is not only a friend, but also an outstanding veterinarian, a far-sighted president and a truly European citizen, is a very worthy recipient of this award.”

Dr Guaguère said: “I am grateful for this award in recognition of the work carried out with my team, and I am truly proud to receive this award in honour of our dear friend and colleague Didier-Noël Carlotti.”

The Didier-Noël Carlotti Award is named after one of the leading founding members of FECAVA. The award, sponsored by Virbac, is presented annually for ‘outstanding service in the fields of inter-professional communication and/or continuing education for companion animal veterinarians in Europe’.

The jury is composed of the Didier-Noël Carlotti Medal Committee (current chair Dr Claude Béata).

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