Invitation for ECVO Research Grant Proposals

(09.11.2012) For the year 2013-2014 the ECVO will provide 5000 € for research funding in areas of veterinary ophthalmology to ECVO-approved residents or ECVO Diplomates. Proposals submitted by ECVO residents will be given priority.

The number of grants funded will depend on the funding resources available and may differ from year to year. The maximum allowable grant will be 2500 € per individual.

ECVO Proposals must be sent in an Adobe Acrobat digital format (PDF) and received by January 15th, 2013.

The funding period will begin July 1st, 2013. All successful applicants will be notified by May 1st, 2013 and successful proposals will be announced on the ECVO website and at the annual ECVO conference.

All applicants must be in ECVO-approved residency programmes and their application sponsored by ECVO and/or ACVO mentor(s) OR must be ECVO Diplomates.

Proposals requesting up to 2500 € in research support may be submitted. The amount awarded will be in Euros and will be subject to prevailing currency conversion rates if awarded to individuals / institutions in countries outside the Euro zone.

All projects must be completed within 2 years, and prior to conclusion of the residency programme where applicable. Projects that can be completed within 1 year, during the first two years of the residency, are preferred.

The ECVO Research Grants will support research supplies, materials, limited equipment, publication costs and salary for technical support. The ECVO Research Grants will not support the salary of the resident/Diplomate, salary of the faculty mentor (where applicable), tuition, major equipment, or institutional indirect costs. Only travel directly required to conduct the research will be supported, and careful consideration should be given to the inclusion of travel costs in the budget.

Experiments involving live animals require approval by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (or equivalent institutional or government body as appropriate) prior to release of research funds to the applicant. Results of the funded research must be presented at the annual ECVO meeting within 1 year of completion of the project.

Please carefully follow the instructions provided when preparing your proposal.

Please email proposals as a PDF file of 5MB or less to the ECVO scientific committee member responsible for directing the review process ( The application file should be named as follows: “ECVO Grant, last name, first name.pdf”.

Weitere Meldungen

Augenspezialistin Nell und ihr Team zeigten im europäischen Vergleich mit dem besten Verhältnis von Präsentationen und Publikationen im Fachbereich Ophthalmologie auf; Bildquelle: Michael Bernkopf/Vetmeduni Vienna

Forschungsarbeit der Spezialisten für  Augenheilkunde der Vetmeduni Vienna top in Europa

Das European College of Veterinary Ophthalmology überprüfte, wie viele der bei der eigenen Fachkonferenz präsentierten Ergebnisse auch publiziert wurden

European College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists

ECVO Congress 2014

2014 Annual Scientific Meeting in London, UK -  15th – 18th May, 2014

Fachtierarztpraxis Leonding

Tagung Augenheilkunde für Hund, Katze und Pferd

Am 15. Juni 2013 lädt die Fachtierarztpraxis Leonding zur Tagung "Spezialwissen für die Praxis - Augenheilkunde für Hund, Katze und Pferd" in den Kremstalerhof nach Leonding


ECVO Congress 2011

The overall topic of the meeting will be ‘Glaucoma’. We are going to have a two-day scientific meeting (Friday/Saturday 20th-21st May 2011) including the HED session and a poster exhibition