Intraorales Dentalröntgen: Unterschiedliche Typen von Zahnresorptionen und ihre Behandlung
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Vogelgrippe bei Milchkühen in den USA: "Man muss das Ganze sehr genau im Auge behalten"
Vogelgrippe bei Milchkühen in den USA:...
Schnellere Borreliose-Diagnose mittels Biomarker
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Erforschung der Auswirkungen von Grundschleppnetz-Fischerei
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Katharina Zwicklbauer erhält den ABCD Young Scientist Award 2024
Companion Animal Nutrition Summit 2024

Registration opens for Companion Animal Nutrition Summit 2024

The annual Purina Institute Companion Animal Nutrition (CAN) Summit takes place by livestream on 10th and 11th April, with free registration now available!

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This year, the virtual event will focus on the dynamic relationships among nutrition, inflammation and immunity — areas of research where understanding is developing rapidly. All veterinary professionals are welcome to attend the live event or to watch on demand. The event provides up to 8 hours of CPD and is RACE-approved when attended live.

Bringing together world-leading veterinarians and scientists in pet nutrition, the CAN Summit has become an important event in the veterinary calendar as a source of cutting-edge science with practical applications in veterinary practice.

Being aware of how our view of health and disease is being changed by these findings is key to helping veterinary medicine advance. Sessions will encompass four areas of interest: immunonutrition, inflammation and immunity in nephrourology, allergy and tolerance, and gastrointestinal immunity and inflammation.

Link: Free registration for Companion Animal Nutrition Summit 2024

Daniel Rodes Moltó, Regional Leader for the Purina Institute, Nestlé Purina PetCare Europe, says this is an event he looks forward to each year.

“All veterinarians are scientists at heart,” he explains. “This is an unrivalled opportunity to learn about the empirical science that is advancing veterinary medicine and pet nutrition. As with all Purina events, speakers will discuss practical applications where appropriate.

 “The information and research presented during CAN Summit often challenges our fundamental assumptions, changing our thinking and clinical approaches for a long time afterward,” he continues. 

“Whether that results in questioning our approach to the use of antibiotics in gastrointestinal disease or helps in understanding the links between inflammation and disease, those ideas are tremendously valuable and encourage further reflection around approaches to the practice of veterinary medicine.”

In the months following the event, symposium proceedings will be available online at However, anyone interested in the event is encouraged to sign up and watch live if they can, for a chance to ask questions of the experts. Everyone who registers can also watch sessions on demand.

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