International Conference for Innovative Veterinary Medicine

(13.06.2017) A large four-day conference about new and innovative veterinary medicine from the 22nd to the 25th of November 2017 in the Van der Valk Hotel, Veenendaal, organized by Edupet Education.

Specially for veterinarians, paraveterinarians, ‘smart students’ and animal-branch professionals with links to the veterinary world.

  • 36 speakers (main language: English)
  • 4 days
  • 87 lectures
  • 12 workshops


  • Wednesday 22nd November: Themed day - Herbal medicine
  • Thursday 23rd November: Themed day – Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Friday 24th and Saturday 25th November: A variety of lectures and workshops about companion animals, equines, bovines, swine, and poultry.
  • Friday 24th November: Vet’s Night

Towards building an ICIVM Community

Due to the lack and recent reduction of treatment options (i.e. increasing antibiotic resistance), conventional veterinary medicine worldwide has looked to opportunities in phytotherapy for humans and animals more than ever.

Three thousand years of practical experience with the medicinal use of plants has finally been recognized. More and more active ingredients have been isolated from plants, and also whole plants or parts of plants have been more thoroughly examined for its efficacy and safety.

Universities and pharmaceutical companies have been furthering their research into phytotherapy and the acquisition of Steigerwald (a German herbal drug manufacturer) from Bayer, is proof enough of this growing industry.

In addition, conventional (veterinary) medicine has become increasingly aware of the need for an individualistic approach to a patient and the demands for personalized veterinary medicine.

It has also become more obvious of the need to see the patient as a whole and as part of its surroundings; the patient as an ecosystem-out-of-balance, within itself and with its surroundings. Thus, we come to find more holistic views of complementary medicine being integrated into conventional (veterinary) medicine.

This can be seen in the conventional concept of systems (veterinary) medicine, that suggests that the patient should not be separated from the total, which includes all influences of the habitat in which he lives.

Also, in the conventional notion of a microbiome, we indicate that a living being (human, animal and plant) is also an ecosystem in itself. Maybe soon we will begin to unveil the secrets behind the mysterious terms of “idiopathic” and “immune mediated”.

Personalized (veterinary) medicine concentrates on individuals and small groups of similar patients and in addition, deals with more nuanced evidence-based dogma, which is mainly based on a large group of patients and can be generally biased.

Clinical studies on a smaller scale of a precise patient or group of patients can be more valuable.

Thus, the International Conference for Innovative Veterinary Medicine serves to provide a perfect information and knowledge sharing platform for this rapidly growing community and hopes that through this knowledge sharing, new and exciting opportunities or solutions will arise.

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