Tom Glessner new CEO at MyFamily USA

(01.04.2019) MyFamily USA, the US branch of the Italian Company specializing in pet ID tags, announces that Tom Glessner has joined the Company as Chief Commercial Officer.

Formerly the Senior Sales Director – Kiosk and Personalization Products of The Hillman Group, Tom has extensive long-term experience in the ID tag market, creating and managing numerous retail engraving programs in the pet specialty segment.

Tom Glessner
Alessandro Borgese, CEO of MyFamily commented: “We are pleased and honored that Tom has joined our international team. He brings a wealth of experience and broad expertise, which will be key to realizing the full potential of our company in the US market, helping us to face new challenges and achieve new goals, as well as developing new contacts with the most important US retailers”.

Tom Glessner added: “My Family’s commitment to product design, quality and the customer are really what sets the company apart and I feel very fortunate to be able to help Alessandro, and the very talented team at My Family, continue to build upon on their success. 

All of our products are created in Italy, where you can clearly see the dedication and passion the company has for bringing beautifully made ID tags, collars and leads to market and I look forward to helping customers get to know us and make My Family the number one choice for pet specialty retailers”.

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