ANIMAL TECH 2021 postponed

(14.01.2021) ANIMAL TECH, the National Show of Livestock and the National Hunting Exhibition will be postponed to 27-30 June 2021.

Both events thus return to their previous two-year periodicity and rotation of industry-oriented trade fairs for crop production and forestry in even years, and trade fairs for animal production in odd years.

ANIMAL TECH "We can see the interest of Czech and foreign companies in presenting themselves at specialised expo events. Even the persistent unfavourable situation has not changed this. Video conferencing and online environment will never replace trade fairs, because humans are social beings and need personal interaction when buying capital goods such as agricultural machinery. TECHAGRO was supposed to be held in a reduced form concurrently with the National Show of Livestock and the ANIMAL TECH expo. Exhibitors value highly their customers and want to offer them a presentation. However, after assessing the current situation, we came to the conclusion that it would be better to organise a full-feature TECHAGRO in April next year, which is its traditional date of holding. We believe that in a few months we will get back to normal life, which will allow us to prepare the expo the way we are used to for 2022," stated Jiří Kuliš, CEO of Trade Fairs Brno.

"We greatly appreciate the constructive talks we held with the representatives of the Association of Importers and the Association of Manufacturers of Agricultural Machinery. We believe that the situation will already allow the organisation of the National Show of Livestock and the ANIMAL TECH breeding technology fair in June this year. We will give exhibitors of other agricultural equipment the opportunity to take part in this event in an unconventional way, so that they can present their innovations already this year," says Jan Kuběna, Business Director of the expo.

"After several postponements and quests for new formats or shapes, we finally came to the joint decision not to organise any restricted provisional events at any cost and to organise another full-feature event on its regular date, meeting all the standards we have reached together as the Association of Importers and BVV over the years. At the same time, we remain optimistic and believe that customers will appreciate this attitude and all our efforts to hold the expo and will not forget us during this in fact four-year break, and together we will be able to launch a new, perhaps already really new era," comments Tomáš Kvapil, Chair of the Association of Importers of Agricultural Machinery on the outcome of the talks.

Dušan Benža, Director of the Secretariat of the A.ZeT Association of Agricultural and Forestry Equipment, further commented on the situation: “At present, the agreed solution seems to us to be the only feasible one. Things none of us could have imagined a year ago became reality. Even if we prepared the most beautiful expositions for this April and were ready to welcome visitors, anti-epidemic measures and business partners' fears of travelling and congregating in one place would not allow us to organise a dignified expo event. If the situation is more favourable later on, some of our manufacturers will be happy to exhibit their machines at ANIMAL TECH in June, in order to finally present their innovations to the professional public and at the same time support the organisers of expo events in this period that is literally disastrous for them. We are all looking forward to the regular season of TECHAGRO on the traditional springtime date in 2022."

The above decision reflects the current situation and the anticipated lifting of the anti-epidemic measures in the middle of this year.

Weitere Meldungen

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