Kostenloses Small Animal Webinar: The use of veterinary orthotic and prosthetic (V-OP) devices in Canine Patients

(06.05.2022) VAHL Webinar mit Christoffer Diehl am Dienstag, 10. Mai 2022 16:30 Uhr CET (in Englisch)

The use of veterinary orthotic and prosthetic (V-OP) devices in Canine Patients; Bildquelle: Scandi Orthopedic AB
  • An introduction of prosthetic and orthotic treatment for Canine patients.
  • Orthotic use in conservative and postoperative treatment
  • Prosthetic use in amputee patients


Christoffer Diehl, Certified Prosthetics and Orthotics (CPO).

Founder and President of Scandi Orthopedic AB took his CPO examination in 2004 at the Jönköping University, Sweden. After two years of internship at Borås hospital he continues to work with both Prosthetic and Orthotics. 2007 he starts to work at the Sahlgrenska University hospital and specialist in the Orthotic field for human.

He works both with rehabilitation for children and adult and also with emergency care. At 2010 Christoffer founded Scandi Orthopedic and has since then specialist in orthotic for animals. Today we are a part of the Blue Star Animal hospital Orthopedic centrum and work with emergency care and rehabilitation for animals.

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