Kostenloses Webinar: 'Hydrotherapy' - its best use in rehabilitation

(25.09.2020) VAHL-Webinar (Kleintier) am 29. September 2020 16:30 Uhr CET mit Tracey Jones in Englisch

  • 'Hydrotherapy' - its best use in rehabilitation; Bildquelle: Tracey Jones In this webinar we look at the benefits of aquatic therapy for dogs and cats...its not just water!
  • We explore which is the better option Pool or Underwater Treadmill and when does the treatment begin?

Referentin: Tracey Jones

Tracey Jones, Veterinary Physiotherapist (AdvCertVPhys)
Certified Canine Rehab and Sports Medicine Practitioner (CCRP)  

Teilnahme: kostenlos mit Anmeldung!

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