Prof. Mark Stevens honored with Dieter Lütticken Award

(27.08.2007) British scientist awarded for excellent contribution to the principle of 3Rs for the development and production of veterinary medicinal products

At the "6th World Congress on Alternatives", held on August 24th in Tokyo, Japan, Prof. Mark Stevens, Institute for Animal Health Compton, United Kingdom was honored with the Intervet Dieter Lütticken Award for his excellent contribution to the principle of 3Rs (Refinement, Reduction, Replacement) for the development and production of veterinary medicinal products.

Prof. Stevens’ laboratory has developed several animal models to study the pathogenesis of enteric bacterial infections of livestock and uses novel genetic methods to dissect the molecular basis of bacterial virulence.

Attila von Hanko, President Intervet Japan, who presented the award, with a prize fund of 20,000 Euro said: ‘The work of Prof. Stevens and his colleagues is highly relevant in terms of the 3Rs, to better understand the pathogenesis of bacterial infections and to develop safe and efficacious animal medicines while using less animals during product development. I appreciate very much that we can honor Prof. Stevens today.’

The panel of expert judges characterized Prof. Stevens’ work as being a coherent and integrative approach that has significantly advanced the 3Rs. Particularly relevant in ‘Refinement’, was the work conducted in collaboration with other high level research groups on in vitro organ culture models to quantify bacterial adherence and tissue tropism ex vivo, an original study at the leading edge of veterinary science.

He continued: ‘Intervet, actively looks for methods to refine, reduce or replace the use of test animals. We support activities that contribute to the principle of 3Rs, both internally and outside the organization.’

Prof. Stevens: ‘I am extremely grateful that Intervet have recognized our research with this award. Credit is due to the many researchers in my laboratory who have embraced 3R principles in their research. The financial support the award provides will extend and enhance our current projects to advance the 3Rs.’

This international award, established in 2004, is given to scientists or public institutions that have delivered excellent contributions to the 3Rs for the development and production of veterinary medicinal products.

The award is named after Dr. Dieter Lütticken, a committed researcher who guided and shaped Intervet’s R&D for more than a quarter of a century. Dieter Lütticken retired in June 2003 from his position as Vice President and Intervet's Head of R&D.

The award’s scope covers in vitro models used in R&D which replace animal testing for licensing purposes as well as studies avoiding the use of animals in efficacy, safety and quality testing in the production of biologicals and pharmaceuticals for animals.

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