This an independent web page solely dedicated to promoting Veterinary Dentistry for general audience, veterinarians and all medical professionals, and it is NOT affiliated with EVDC® (European Veterinary Dental College®) nor any political organizations.
EVDC ®is also known as European Veterinary Dental College® , and is a professional organization consisting of a small group of Certified Diplomate Veterinarians.

This organization has very strict rules against the use of it's trade marks and logo against punishable legal consequences. The following is a list of the designations that should NOT be used under any circumstances by any non-member.
Please note that EVDC® ((European Veterinary Dental College®) DOES NOT regulate, restrict or control the practice of Veterinary Dentistry in any country in Europe or elsewhere, by any certified (by the National Board which is active in each individual country) General Veterinarian (general practitioner), it ONLY protects it's registered logo and registered designations (please see below).

Unacceptable designations include the following:

  • Veterinary Dental Specialist
  • Veterinary Dentist
  • EVDC Resident
  • EVDC Resident
  • EVDC Trainee
  • EVDC Alternate Pathway Resident
  • EVDC Alternate Pathway Candidate
  • EVDC Board Eligible
  • Board Eligible, Veterinary Dentistry
  • Board Qualified, Veterinary Dentistry
  • Specializing in Veterinary Dentistry
  • Special Training in Veterinary Dentistry
  • Special Education in Veterinary Dentistry

Acceptable designations only for EVDC trainees include:

a. For those in an approved EVDC Residency programme:

  • Resident, Veterinary Dentistry
  • Resident, Department of Veterinary Dentistry
  • Resident, Dentistry Service

b. For other Trainees:

  • Professional Interest in Veterinary Dentistry
  • Practice limited to Veterinary Dentistry