Fibrosarcoma in a Dog

Fig. 1
Surgical rostral mandibulectomy

Bobby is a 7 year old common breed black dog, male. He arrived at our department with a suspected malignant tumor. After appropriate histo-pathologic evaluation and confirmation the diagnosis of malignant fibro sarcoma was established.

Fig. 2
This was obvious not only at the visual examination, please see Fig.1 and Fig.2, but also looking at the radiologic images which were obtained using a large, size 4 occlusal film and a human dental X-ray machine (Explor-X 70), see Fig. 3

Fig. 3

We decided to perform a rostral partial mandibulectomy, using a coronally repositioned flap. After the surgical resection the mandible looked like in photo 4.

Fig. 4

Fig 5
Following careful evaluation and plastic repositioning of the flap we managed to reconstruct with a really good esthetical result the mandible, please see Fig. 5

We prescribed and administered appropriate pain control medication (opiods) and antibiotherapy for a week post-operatively to prevent complications and bacterial infections.

We asked the owners to feed Bobby only with soft food for the next week and to return for control after 7 days. We hope that this intervention has saved Bobby’s life. Otherwise, due to the malignancy of the tumor his life would have been severely shortened. By these interventions we obtain prolonging of the life of our patients from 2 to 5 years, before relapse or metastasis occurs.

Prof. Dr. Zetner and DDr. Stoian Camil

Department of Dentistry
Surgical and Ophthalmologic Clinic
of the Veterinary University of Vienna