Veterinary Dental Meeting 2006

(22.09.2006) On September 30th (whole day )  and October 1st 2006 (half day)  a dental meeting will be organized by Univ. Prof. Dr. Karl Zetner.

The place of venue is Hotel Biri in  Padua, where a congress room for maximum 45 people is already reserved. The fee is 190.- € (students: 95.- €) with no additional tax.

The language is english, however german explanations will be done on demand to a special topic on the screen. The level will cover low and medium experience in veterinary dentistry.

Periodontology: (incl. video tape)

Methods of disclosing plaque, treatment of periodontal diseases, frequent failures, dangers to the patient and the veterinarian, surgical periodontal operations, methods to enhance the self-cleaning mechanisms in the oral cavity, treatment of immune-disorders, splinting, prophy, home care, treatment of mandibular fractures, avulsion of canine teeth, treatment of chronic gingivostomatitis in the cat with background and new medications, FORL and justification of treatment, correct atomisation, luxation and fractures of the jaw bones in the cat, cleft palate  (high-rise syndrom), pin composite bridge in the cat including limitations and other methods.

Endodontics: (incl. video    tape):

caries, enamel hypoplasia, cage biter syndrome, impressions for crowns, various crowns, vital amputation, mortal amputation, pulp extraction, fistulas, pin composite crown, bridges, discolorations of teeth.

Dental diseases in the young dog

Anesthesia for dental patients

Roentgenological techniques for dentistry

Parallel technique, bisecting angle technique, avoiding distorsions

Management (prices)

The registration is effective after payment of 190.- € (students: 95.- €)  to the account of "Vet Dent Science” at Bank Austria / Creditanstalt

Account number  697 257 509
IBAN  AT11  1200  000 697 257 509

The reservation will be according to the time of the payment (max. 45 attendants).
A detailed program will be sent after successful registration.

weitere Meldungen

DDr. Camil Stoian PhD, Dipl.EVDC

DDr. Camil Stoian PhD, Dipl.EVDC verstorben

Völlig unerwartet ist Kollege Camil Stoian am 26. Juni 2020 von uns gegangen

Dr. Dr. Peter Fahrenkrug

Peter Fahrenkrug verstorben

Am 30. August 2019 ist Dr. Dr. Peter Fahrenkrug nach kurzer, schwerer Krankheit verstorben

Professor Colin Harvey; Bildquelle: WSAVA

Champion of Veterinary Dentistry to receive the 2018 WSAVA Scientific Achievement Award

Emeritus Professor Colin Harvey is the recipient of the prestigious 2018 WSAVA Award for Scientific Achievement in recognition of his work to highlight the importance of veterinary oral and dental conditions in companion animals

Europäischer Zahntierärztekongress 2018 in Innsbruck; Bildquelle: EVDS – European Veterinary Dental Society

Europäischer Zahntierärztekongress 2018 in Innsbruck

Der dreitägige Tierzahnärztekongress (vom 31.05.- 02.06.2018) war auf Grund der einzigartigen Kombination aus Fachwissen auf höchstem Niveau und Innsbrucks weltweitem Ruf als Kultur- und Naturstadt ein voller Erfolg

National Veterinary Conference 2017 in Moskau

National Veterinary Conference 2017 in Moskau

Die NVC 2017 fand vom 18. bis 20. Oktober 2017 im Crocus Exhibition Center in Moskau statt. DDr. Camil Stoian und Dr. Gertrude König aus Wien waren für die zahnmedizinische Fortbildung verantwortlich

3. Fachtagung der ÖGTZ

Das war die 3. Fachtagung der ÖGTZ

Das Team der ÖGTZ dankt allen interessierten Tierärztinnen und Tierärzten für die zahlreiche Teilnahme an unserer 3. Fachtagung der ÖGTZ am 1.und 2. April 2017!

Brook A. Niemiec DVM, DAVDC, DEVDC, FAVD; Bildquelle: WSAVA

New WSAVA Guidelines Aim to Set Standards for Veterinary Dentistry Worldwide

A set of guidelines being developed by the World Small Animal Veterinary Association aims to enhance standards of veterinary dentistry around the world, bridging what the organization perceives as a significant gap in veterinary education and enhancing the level of veterinary care provided to companion animals

Praxisbuch Zahnmedizin beim Heimtier

Praxisbuch Zahnmedizin beim Heimtier

Endlich ein Praxisbuch zur Zahnheilkunde bei Kaninchen, Meerschweinchen, Chinchilla und kleinen Nagern, in dem moderne Diagnostik- und Therapieverfahren Schritt-für-Schritt erklärt werden

Dentistry in Rabbits and Rodents

Dentistry in Rabbits and Rodents

Dentistry in Rabbits and Rodents is a practical guide aimed at helping clinicians successfully diagnose and treat dental problems in rabbits and rodents within their own surgeries